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Microwave Question


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Hi everyone! :wave: This is my first post, but I have been experimenting with melt and pour soaps for a few months now, and I am completely hooked. You all don't know how much help you have been when I am looking to find an answer about something! I couldn't find the answer to this particular question on any previous threads, so I will try my luck here...

When I make my melt and pour soaps, I use the microwave. Afterward, I mix in my fragrance oil, colors, etc. However, sometimes I am making a small batch and it begins to set up before I am finished pouring.

Question 1 - Since fragrance oils have a flashpoint, and I want to be careful with the additives I have already mixed in my soap, is it safe to put it back in the microwave for a few seconds, so I can finish pouring anything that hardens too much in my glass measuring cup?

Question 2 - If I make a bar of soap, and I dislike the design, can I "redo" it by reheating the entire bar after it is set up even if it has FO, colors, etc.? I would hate to try this without asking and have my microwave BLOW UP!!! *getdown* Thanks!


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Welcome to CT Chrissy!

Yes its fine to reheat your base in the microwave. Sounds like you may not be heating it hot enough if it is starting to congeal before you are finished adding your FO, dyes, etc. Use a candy thermometer and heat your base up to 135-150 degrees. You also want to make sure when adding butters like coconut oil, shea butter, etc. that the base is hot enough to melt and incorporate them.

I remelt finished soap all the time. I just cut the soap up into chunks and put them into my glass pyrex bowl and pop in the microwave. Use short bursts and stir base in between bursts and continue until completely melted.

Re flash point of FOs. Once you have blended them into your base you have changed the dynamics of the oil. It is now diluted and the flash point no longer applies. You don't use enough FO in your soap base for the flash point to be an issue. Once blended in your base it is safe to heat in the microwave, meltor, or double boiler.

As I mentioned get yourself a candy thermometor and start taking the temp of your heated base. You may want to take note of the temp you find best to add your additives and still have a hot enough base to pour into your mold before it starts to harden. Also, it will help you determine how cool you want your base if you are putting in suspension additives such as oatmeal, coffee, tea, seeds, etc for exfoliating soaps.

Have fun!

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Thanks so much everyone! The reason I don't use a double boiler is just because I am too lazy...lol. :laugh2: However, if I practice for a long time and decide to make bigger batches, maybe I will upgrade. I am glad to know the FO's flashpoint changes and won't spark or heat up too high in the microwave.

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Talk about lazy...I use a Soap Kettle. It's even less trouble than the microwave!

I have a Soap Kettle too by Life of the Party. Got it at Michaels. It was the last one. I just love it for heating my base in. It holds 5-6 lbs. Just wish they made a larger one. I understand that rice cookers can be used as meltors along with presto pots. I need something that can heat at least 10-20 lbs at a time.

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