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Overcoming FO's that darken soap


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I've seen photos posted of beautiful soaps that are either white or just the top portion white and the fragrances used were ones that normally make my soap very dark. Anything with vanila and goat milk are the worse. Will Titanium Dioxide keep soap white when using FO's or milk that normally darkens as the soap cures?

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i have done the same as the above poster said..

and I have also kept a portion with out adding any fo..and just

making a white like icing top...

i have used TD...and Vanilla stabelizer..

I don't care for VS at all..to me my soaps feel different and smell different..but that just me..

to use TD in a fo that turns brown, it will not keep it from turning completely, and there again,,i don't really like the feel of my soap with to much in it..

so I have just learned to like brown soap, if it is a fo that I just can't live without...like Pink Sugar..:)

edited to say..GM alone won't turn your soap brown..only if it is a fo that goes brown anyway..

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Sometimes I'll remove a portion of soap before adding the fragrance oil. Then, I'll swirl the unscented part with the scented for a lighter color swirl.

To me, that's the best bet.

If you use TD, it's going to change your coloring (the dyes you use) as well as somewhat lighten the soap.

You could start keeping track of how a darkening batch affects your colors or if it gobbles the colors and work accordingly. I've definitely not perfected it, because what I was hoping would stay a greenish blue when straight green. My red went to a cherry color, but the blue got darker and the green lighter in a different batch. Be nice if this wasn't totally experimental, but so far, for me, it is.

Now if you pull some batter and don't add the TD or FO I think you'll be fine and not have to worry about color changes.

And none of this likely helped :P

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