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I am soooo lost right now!


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Consider this a desperate cry for help!!!

Sorry this is long but - I no longer have a clue of what else to try!

As many of you know I took a break from the wax for a couple of years - and now I since I came back I can't get a decent HT to save my life!

I used to use a blend of J223/soy at 75/25 and had both a great CT and HT

Since I came back to the flame I had to switch wax because the main supplier I use because of shipping costs does not carry the 223

So I played around a bit with blending and got a great CT but no HT - wasted a lot of wax and FO so I decided ok, time to just get a wax from the manufacturer and just use it and continue playing with blending "on the side" - so I got some 6006 and 4627 and thought that would get me started since I have read so much of how great they throw

Using 2 FO's I knew should have a knock your socks off throw (Peak's Sage & Lemongrass and Peak's Lavender) I poured some tea lights with each FO at 6% (I have always used tealites to test how an FO acts in my wax)

Anyway - both had a great CT, could not ask for better - but I can barely tell I have a candle burning when lit unless I am looking at the flame! And no it isn't candlenose because I have left the room several times, and even sniffed coffee grounds to clear the nasal palette - Virtually no HT at all!

I used the recommendation for pour temp of 175-185° for the 4627 and 165-175° for the 6006 and poured each 3 separate times (4627 poured at 185°, 180°, & 175° - 6006 at 165, 170 & 175) Per the recommendations I added FO at slightly above the pour temp and held it constant at that temp while adding the FO - and then poured immediately when the temp reached pour temp

And yes I let them cure in a closed box for a week (Still great CT) and I am burning multiple tea lites in a smaller room - With these FOs (and a number of others I have tried) I should be getting a ton more throw that what I have here

any suggestions at all?

I will try almost anything at this point - If you suggest I dance naked under a full moon I will probably do it even if it is November!

and second edit to add - have used several different tealite wicks from candlewic - no difference noted

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I don't know if this happens with anyone else, the best HT I get is once the candle has close to a FMP. Don't get me wrong, it has HT about twenty minutes (on all my containers) but the strongest is when the majority of the wax is melted, which makes sense to me. And all my containers get their FMP within the 4 hours.

I agree, I wouldn't think tealights would sufficient enough to test a HT. If anything, try a votive maybe. HTH.

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as I said, am will to try anything at this point - will break out the jars for sure -

I know that a tealite is small and will not have a HT like a container of any size - but shouldn't lighting 3 - 6 of them (yes, have tried up to 6) at the same time in a small room give an idea of a sufficient HT? Maybe it is my memory playing tricks on me but I always remembered getting a great HT from lighting a mumber of tealites together

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Ok, I totally understand and have been where you are now standing. I couldn't get squat out of any of those waxes either. So I returned to the only wax that has given me the most satisfaction; the 70/30 wax from Clarus. You can find this wax at Tennessee Candle Supply at a cost of $105.00 for 66 pounds. This is the GreenLeaf wax that so many of us have used. I just poured 132 jelly jars with 11 different fos and not one of them have wet spots or any other type of problem and have a ct/ht that is out of this world. Buy a slab and slap a CD-10 into a 8 oz jelly jar and see what you think. LX works great with this wax too. It colors nicely and only requires that you warm the jars, pour at about 185 degrees and place in a box for slow cooling.


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