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I'm closing shop..........


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Hey everyone....just a note to let you know "another one has bit the dust".....

I have decided to close effective November 30, 2008, after 8 years in the biz.

I want to say that I have truly learned ALOT from this board, and treasure each of you for your knowledge and wisdom.

Reasons? Prices have just gotten out of control, and my original intention when entering into this craft was to sell an awesome candle at a reasonable price....Well, as we all know, that's spiraled into another dimension, so to speak.

Though I have made good money in these past years, (yea, I posted in the poll that my profit was greater than $20K, which it is and just a side note only, 'cause it's not the money that made this decision) it's my devotion and enthusiasum (? spelling) that has fizzled badly.

I'm sad, but relieved to have made this decision. I hope you all do well in your business whether it be candles or bath & body, or whatever makes you happy. My happiness now will be spending more time with my DH and my sons and the weekends.

Thank you,


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Good luck to you, I am sure that was not an easy decision and you don't have to leave the board :) You can keep it up as a hobby and still join in and do swaps.

I tapered down this year because last year it was hard being back in college, doing shows and making stock at the same time. This year I am enjoying the time I have freed up. I am still doing a couple of small things and just catering to some regulars who contact me directly.

Next year I plan on going crazy again. Maybe by then some of the prices will have come down, if not, I will adjust.

Good luck :)

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Well I totally am with you on this, as I have decided to do the same. I just keep telling myself 'when the fun is gone, it's time to move on'. Who knows, maybe in 6 months we'll both be longing to make another candle :confused: . Like you said, the way the prices are and all the time it takes to continue to do this, it's just not worth it to me. I'm going to enjoy my time with my grandchildren, and I hope you enjoy your time with your family too. Good luck, I know how you must have struggled with this decision.

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I wish you all the best! I totally feel where you are coming from because I have been struggling with the thought in selling my business as well.

I am totally burnt out with my candle business. After doing it for 11 years and turning 30 soon, I'm ready to move on to another venture. So I totally agree with where you are coming from.

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I hear ya girl. That's not an easy decision. Hard when you put your blood, sweat, tears, and pocketbook into something. Do you have a day job? What will you do with all your time? ;)

Yes, I have a full time job doing oil & gas accounting for the past 9 years. Oh well....the candle business has been really fun and has allowed us to do alot of work on our house and build my mom an apt. behind my shop. Just time to get out and breath normally.:P

Hmmmmm...free time? Actually when you live on a ranch there's always something that needs to be done...it's called cows! LOL

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Actually when you live on a ranch there's always something that needs to be done...it's called cows! LOL

Ahh. Well in that case, I'm guessing you'll be looking back in a few months wondering how the HECK you even managed to squeeze in time for that candle stuff, LOL - buys with other things you'll be. :)

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