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Candle Labels... Just curious

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I thought about making them too! I wasn't sure of what program to buy. I have Paint on my computer by default but it's really generic.

What paper do you use? And is there a program that is more easier to design them? Paint Shop Pro or something like that?

I researched Candle Labels and there are a couple of companies that make them but they are spendy and I am not sure I like the idea of having to wait for them to come in the mail after ordering them. It's less hassle to make them...

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I personally use PrintMaster.. Simply cause it isn't expensive and I use it for so many other things (cards, calenders, newsletters etc)..AND cause I'm one of those old dogs not into learning new tricks type folk..lol I've used PrintMaster ever since I first started using a computer..lol (yes, upgraded versions as they've become available..but still..hehe)

It suits me and "I like it alot" *in my very best Forrest Gump voice.....:o

ETA that the labels I use vary... I either have Avery ones from Wally World or Office Max or the like, or the labels from Online Labels.com... depends on the label..

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