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Making large batches

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Never add dye or fo to turkey melter. Before I got my turkey melter if I had a large order/fundraiser and I knew it was going to take 6-8 lbs of wax at least, I would add the dye and fo to my presto pot. Though for smaller amounts I would not add to presto.

To clean presto pot just wipe out good and if scent lingers use alcohol to wipe it out. I use alcohol, keep some in spray bottle, in my pour pots between scents.

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ok, how many pours pots do you have? 1 for each scent?

I have a 150 lb. melter and I use 4 pour pots when I'm pouring.....After pouring each pot full, just swipe out with a paper towel....not enough residue from previous batch to make a diff in new batch.... or

if I just poured a vanilla type batch, I'll not wipe it out, and pour another similiar batch in the same pot. Unless I just poured a dark blue candle, I'll wipe out, etc.....and use for a lighter colored batch.



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