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who has the truest candy cane?


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If you are looking at EO's WSP has a re-distilled peppermint that smells just like a candy cane. Yummah! :grin2:

I have just peppermint EO from them and it is not a good candy cane scent don't even like it for peppermint.

I would love to find a nice one too and if it burns my eyes I don't want it. Don't want to taste it either and WSP's EO, I can taste, yuck. Have smelled some nice ones from the big candle company's but just can't find one from company's I order from. I think a good candy cane would smell wonderful in soy way. Have tried mixing it myself, peppermint and strawberry but it's just not right. The problem now is I don't want to order any more samples. Unless I have to order. Going to try some scents from DayStar so I'll check there.

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