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Pink skull purse


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Thanks guys. :) I am putting this up in my Etsy shop for sale soon. I am trying to get a few purses made to put up in my shop. I am really proud of this particular one b/c I did a few things I haven't done before on my other purses so I am happy with the results.

I bought the fabric from Hancock Fabrics about 5 months ago and I doubt they have it anymore. :( I did however buy the entire bolt so I have plenty to make more purses.

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That is so cute. Love the fabric. We don't have a Hancock's around here. :( Just JoAnn's & Wally World. I did finally get my new machine for Christmas and have to get my butt sewing again. Haven't really even figured it out yet, very different from my oldie but goodie machine. Hub got me a Janome. :yay:


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I have always wanted to learn to sew. My cousin is a seamstress but she lives too far away...she makes the most exquisite wedding dresses. My Mom was a pretty good sewer too but she said I was hopeless and I should just stick to cooking and crafts that did not involve bobbins and needles!

Your purse is really pretty. I wish I could do that.

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