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  1. 7 Pawz

    My table set up with new tablecloths

    Me to:) I know I'd be bringing a lot home, that's for sure lol!
  2. 7 Pawz

    Texas natural supply

    Thank you Scented, yes I was wondering that, I just ran across them and they seem to offer a lot of choices depending on your needs.
  3. 7 Pawz

    Texas natural supply

    Has anyone ordered from this supplier? thought maybe I could save a little on shipping.
  4. 7 Pawz

    Light a candle for Vicky

    I apologize for this late posting, I am stunned to learn that VIcky has passed. She was very helpful and a kind presence. My condolences to her loved ones and may God's light always be with her.
  5. 7 Pawz

    Ribbon wicks

    I like the look of the ribbon or woodwick, not sure about the tube candle wicks tho, guess I could get a test kit....
  6. 7 Pawz

    Ribbon wicks

    TaĺlTayl Just go to show what I've not kept up with in 2 yr time span of not making candles ,soap to for that matter,but this week I've been in my work room everyday . Don't know if I'll purchase any ribbon wicks, I think I'd like to get a candle and see how it burns tho
  7. 7 Pawz

    Ribbon wicks

    KandleKrazy I'd buy it just to see how it burns:)
  8. 7 Pawz

    Ribbon wicks

    Pretty candle tho:) found them at northstar candle supplies, they had some rather interesting wood wicks to, but I've not tried those
  9. 7 Pawz

    Ribbon wicks

    Found them at northstarcandlesuppy.com
  10. Has anyone tried these wicks? It's been 2 yes since I've made candles and I didn't know these were around.
  11. 7 Pawz

    Wood wicks

    Thinking about trying woodwicks, I read a review on some listed on amazon and the manufacturer suggests that theirs should be soaked in the wax for 10 mins before applying to the container. Don't know if that would apply to all brands tho, I'm just starting to do a little research.
  12. its a good thing that I check in from time to time, I was getting ready to order samples of 6006, I've been wanting to try it for sometime, think i'll just wait
  13. 7 Pawz

    Essential oils for candles

    would the amount of EO added to wax be the same or less than FO?
  14. 7 Pawz

    Here Goes

    thank you, thats good to know, can't wait to try them
  15. 7 Pawz

    Here Goes

    Hubby noticed that we had 3 bars of soap left, I said "we have another small basket of soap (roughly 10 big bars), He said " but thats STORE BOUGHT soap." So this sounded like a good opportunity I decided to order some FO's that were recommended on this board. From BCN: Country Clothesline Lime Leaf and Lily Pine Plantation Rosemary Mint Verbena Berry Old Fashioned Christmas Creme Brulee All 8 oz bottles, I got tired of ordering 1 oz bottles and if I found I liked it, had to wait for a bigger bottle So, I'm using some in soaps, but I've never fooled with soy wax much, thought I'd give it a try. Has anyone used these scents recently?