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Are swirls possible in M&P....


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Are swirls actually possible in M&P soap, or is a marble the best I can expect.

I've tried the pouring from opposite ends, I've tried the pouring in layers method, neither worked.

I'm going to try pouring one layer, squirting coloured on, then layer, squirt, then swirl. IF I can get the soap in the squirty bottle to stay liquid enough.

anyone any experience of this working in M&P?

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I've swirled successfully by dipping a wooden stick in my dye then swirling the stick in the melted soap already in its mold. Make sure you push the stick all the way to the bottom of the mold so the 'top' finished soap has swirls.

On a side note I quit doing swirls because dye tends to fade into the soap so use colors that compliment each other because it will eventually fade.

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I beleive it's possible- yes. But I think it's one of those things like bath bombs, every single factor has to be just right and there is way more science to it when speaking of true 'swirls'. Also I think it helps to attempt swirls in a larger mold like is used in CP soap making. That's what I tend to see the most success in.

Let me see if I can dig up a pic of my very first loaf mold of M&P. Don't ask how I did it because I thought I knew - but now over a year later, I have not been able to reproduce it! But then - I usually make smaller batches or singles. I'm sure it had a lot to do with my base(s) and just the right additives. (no, of course I did not take notes!:rolleyes2 )


I tossed in a pic of another somewhat success. It was done in a metal flower mold tube. Maybe that's part of the trick? Maybe it has to be a metal mold to keep it from cooling too fast and being able to take your time? Half of this last one didn't come out as it did mix too much, but I got a great design in the middle and lower parts.


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