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I need a canola oil recipe


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Or any recipe that has the oils that I have here, cuz I'm itchin' to soap, but all the recipes I have here require an ingredient I don't have dang it. :angry2:

Ok here's what I have:

Coconut Oil 76

Palm Oil


about 8oz. of Babassu

Mango butter

shea butter

Canola Oil

teeny bit of olive (maybe 6oz.)

Thanks in advance.

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I was gonna help ya and then had a power outage ... tells me not to try lol!

Mind you I've used Canola once or twice and ditched it because it doesn't like me, but was thinking of just telling you to go to the store and get more oil lol! (Runs and hides)

You could go:

25% Cocobutt

5% babassu

7% shea

7% mango

10% palm

10% castor

15% olive

21% canola (I think I actually had the canola higher)

The hardness at 39 isn't one of my favorite numbers,

but the 57 on conditioning was a good one; 20 cleansing; 29 bubbly 29 creamy; 146 INS; 60 iodine

Just swap out the cocobutt for cherry kernel oil's value (lye only, but still use cocobutt) and maybe up the super fat to 7 or more.

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Yah, I guess I could go to the store for more OO, but I wanted to try soaping without it (or very little) since every single recipe I've made has had it in there. ;)

Also, I don't have any cocoa butter. :(

I'm basically out of everything except palm, shea, mango and CO, since I had planned to order a lot more oils and butters in the coop but my order kinda got messed up, so I didn't get to order everything I wanted then, and haven't gotten around to ordering , since I'm kinda on the fence about ordering from Soapers choice after his switch n bait within the coop. :/

Oh I DO have lard- if that helps. ??

For some reason, I have a hard time figuring out what goes good with what. I've tried a few times and can never get good numbers on the soap calc. And even when I've gotten "ok" numbers, my soap has been so dang soft, I can't cut it for better than a week! :/

I MAY be able to squeak out 6.4 oz of OO for the recipe you posted Barb-thanks! :)

Thanks to you Scented and Carebear also- I knew someone would understand my soap itch that just needs to be scratched TONIGHT! LoL

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Repeat after me: Soapcalc is brain-dead. Sitting around trying to make numbers click over a few points one way or another is a waste of time. Plus sometimes it encourages people to make melty muck instead of soap.

You have everything you need. Why not have some fun with your butters? Never mind luxury; they can be handy just for the stearic content. Try this:

Coconut Oil 15.0%

Babassu Oil 10.0%

Palm Oil 30.0%

Mango Butter 10.0%

Shea Butter 10.0%

Canola Oil 20.0%

Castor Oil 5.0%

This could be also be tried with the lard or a palm/lard combo. If you must have the numbers :), they are:

Hardness 46

Cleansing 17

Conditioning meaningless

Bubbly 22

Creamy 34

Iodine 53

INS 155

It's important to get a good gel for this recipe. Don't discount the water too much, soap on the cool side and keep things simple to make sure you aren't too rushed. Cut within 24 hours.

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Top what calc do you use to help formulate your recipes?

I use an Excel spreadsheet. Mostly, the SAP values are from the Columbus Foods list and the fatty acid profiles are from the SoapCalc database. It also duplicates the "soap qualities" from SoapCalc. The numbers are identical except sometimes for INS. SoapCalc uses "traditional" INS values for some oils and calculated values for others. This can cause weirdness when you use certain oils, like Babassu for instance. This recipe probably shows a slightly different INS in SoapCalc than the one I posted, because I use calculated INS values for all the oils.

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