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Soap Ingredient


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Armour brand usually comes in bricks (1#) in most stores. In Wal*Mart it also comes in bigger packages. But lard is lard. By that I mean that you aren't likely to find different kinds in the store (unless you get it off a butcher and render it yourself).

Crisco is not lard. Tallow is not lard. Shortening is not lard. Butter is not lard. Palm shortening is not lard.

Manteca is Spanish for Lard - you might find it labeled with that name as well.

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Or you can buy the no-name brand lard. Also, you can get pomace olive oil pretty cheap at Super Store. They also have huge box containers w/the bladder inside of canola oil. I just wish they would carry coconut oil so I wouldn't have to send away for it.

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I see that now thank you Louise! :)

I also read up a ton on it and it's a very interesting form of OO. Apparently has a great property to it that I can't wait to try out!! Have to find some locally to make some castile with one day in the future! :)

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