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Cookie Bouquet


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It's my mom's bday, so I just made this for her. Never made one before, and I don't think I'll ever make one again lol - TOOK FOREVER. And I'm not so good at decorating cookies. Oh well, I'm her kid so I know she'll love it lol. Thanks for looking :) (sorry the pic isn't so great)


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Hey that is cute. Maybe add some green confetti in the mug.


Good idea, thanks :)

I was thinking about making these as gifts for Christmas - I learned some things today - next time I will use precut cookie shapes instead of rolling out dough and using the cookie cutter myself. I didn't have any powdered meringue to make royal icing, so instead I had to make a softer icing - that's not too good cause it wants to run off the cookies when you put them upright - royal icing it is next time. I don't think these would be TOO bad to do if you just set aside a day to bake and insert sticks, then ice. Then maybe decorate the next day and arrange. I'll see how it goes. This thing took me THREE HOURS. So I definitely need to cut the time down. Thanks for the comments. :smiley2:

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That's super cute! How do you get them to stand up inside the mug?

I bought some of that green styrofoam stuff - like they use to make flower arrangements - stuck it down in the cup and there you have it :)

Thanks again - she did like it. There's only 3 cookies left lol

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