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My New Tog Mold & Beveler


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I just wanted to rave alittle bit about my new TOG Mold..it is the one with the dividers, and the lining...It worked wonderful for me..with my Salt Bar Soap...

And his beveler is just a breeze...I could bevel my soaps in just a jiffy..

Thanks Mr. Tog Man for a wonderful Mold and Beveler..

Also I wanted to say the lid fits so perfect..

I also like the way it is made..if I want thicker bars all I would have to do is make my recipe larger..I put 30 oz. of oils and 30 oz. of salt..and I still have plenty of room..

In fact my next batch I will make a little bigger to get a thicker bar..

I bought one of Grumpys Salt Bars and I just love the size of it...

Any way..for a newbie just starting out..I can't say enough how well the Soap mold worked for me...

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Deb, keep your eye on it! When you need one......"just blink!"LOL

Thanks guys for your vote of confidence on my heavy duty wood molds! My new saying is:

"Wood Is Good!"

Well I blinked LOL I bet I went to your site 50 times yesterday waiting for your new mold to be on there ;) I can hardly wait to get it. I am so excitied! Thank you!

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