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Top Ten Signs You've Got the Wrong Wick Size


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1. You achieve a full melt pool in 30 minutes ... on a 3-inch wide jar.

2. Your neighbor's smoke detector keeps going off.

3. Your 4-year old tugs on your sleeve and asks, "Mommy, why are the curtains on fire?"

4. After a marathon burn session, your melt pool on a 3-inch wide jar is still only one inch wide ... and 2 inches deep.

5. Your teenaged son comes in the door and shouts, "Cool! When did you paint the ceiling BLACK?"

6. You move the pile of junk on your work table and uncover the wick bag label, and discover it doesn't say "34" as you thought it did -- it says "44."

7. DH observes, "Great idea! Round black floating embeds!"

8. Smoky the Bear keeps a cot at your place.

9. The neighborhood kids bring over hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks.

10. The A/C keeps kicking on … and it’s winter.

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