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Is this pic ok for a brochure?


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I like the pic, I am using the same kind of glass around a lot of the pics for my website. I don't think you need the other jar with the glass in it. Just the candle is very pretty.

I agree, the jar with the glass distracts me from the candle itself , but I like the glass beads around the candle.


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I like the pic too but I'd probably tweek it some...the status jar with beads in it I wouldn't do...beads around are cute though. I'd also consider a black back ground just to see if your candle 'pops'...with going colorless (I do too in these containers) it's almost like you need a darker back ground to help show them off. Other than that I love your label...wtg!!!

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It is a lovely picture.

Personally I think it looks well with white as it gives me the impression of "lightening up" as per the label. To enhance or echo the "naturally" part of the label I would go with either natural polished stones or perhaps even natural pieces of cinnamon stick and/or vanilla.

A jar of cinnamon sticks with vanilla beans on the "floor"?

As for the jar of stones, I agree, it doesnt really fit although it is very pretty.

Part of why I mention about enhancing or echoing the message on the label is that it gives the unconscious mind something else to grasp which doesnt conflict with or detract from the logical message being offered.

A picture is worth 100,000 words yes? And can often say more about a product than all the text you can type. At the very least, something that will encourage people to read on.

So much of the information we receive is non verbal, from the look of the candle, the scent of the candle and so on.

A beautiful pic all the same. Well done.

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