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4 New Soaps....


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Thank you everyone and the Granite bar is achieved by going to a medium trace and then incorporating 5 colors and just stirring with a spoon gently. The motion is in the wrist and kind of make a circular mix but not too much. You have to work fast as it moves in a split second. Even on this batch I couldn't get all the way to the bottom of the mold in time as you can see.

I have another variation that I did in blues and will post that tonight.

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Nope, niether of them are salt bars and what causes the "bloom" is the trace consistency which is rather thick and then incorporating 5 colors by mixing them in with a spoon. You have to work really fast though and it is a challenge. It is a twist of the arm that causes this effect and of course the miracles of Mother Nature and lye.

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