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Chamomile and Neroli CP


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Bought this scent from Kerri @ SScents before she closed her doors. So I had no idea what to expect and it seized. I used Chamomile Tea as my liquid for the bottom part (w/ a little colorant). Sudz like a dream, and smells wonderful I hope it holds its scent after its completely cured.


Thanks for looking :smiley2:


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OH thanks Lori- good to know that. Nothing WORSE than having a good smelling soap loose its scent :mad:! and this scent smells GREAT- doesn't it :drool:. I see on her group that someone had a problem w/ another scent seizing - both Kerri and another soaper have never had problems w/ that specific FO. I wonder if alot has to do w/ the combo of oils/butters that are used that people get differ results :confused:.

I wonder about the seizing part- it was definately a different kinda seize. It was one big mass going into my molds yet it was some what workable for me to get such a clean defined line between the two colors. Now thinking about it I didn't use the tea in the pink batch (everything else the same) and I was ready for the seize so I didn't mix as long. The pink part still seized 1/2 half through pouring into the molds and wasn't as workable. I smooshed the remaining into the mold and wasn't able to do any type of design on top. It was so hard on top that most of the cranberry seeds and petals I sprinkled on top didn't stick. I did OP this batch to make sure the layers "stuck" together.

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I have this bar... and let me tell you..... O M G!!! It smells soooo fantastic!! I haven't used it yet... but boy... I'm countin' down the days on my calendar!! LOL It's almost time I think!! LOL

I've tried a few of Maryann's soaps before, and they are divine!! I've loved every bar I purchased from her. But this bar.... oh my... it's my favorite scent of all time!! It reminds me of orange flower blossoms at bloom time. I swear... the smell brings back so many memories!! And it's a beautiful bar!

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Your too funny! Your order is on its way hold on/ be strong :grin2:!!

I'm trying!!! :cry2: It's so hard when you're addicted. I need professional help. I need my soap!! Hopefully... I'll get it Monday!! :yay:

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