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My house smells like a Fruit Salad

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Sorry if I haven't been around guys, I got into a bunch of Poison Ivy and I'm covered. Just now getting back to being able to pour anything, so I went on a rampage last night/this morning. Hope you guys like everything, feedback always welcome!

Orange Ivory Marble one is my Orange/French Vanilla scent that I've yet to name. It doesn't remind me of Dreamsicle, more like the Orange Julius' you can get at the mall (God I love those things, YUMMY!)

Rustic is Strawberry Cheesecake and it's actually a melon color, very light pretty pink/peach color. I couldn't change anything on the picture without killing the color and the rustic, I absolutely love that candle.

And well the last one is my new candle buddy. His name is Smudge, his little nose looks like he has dirt smudges on it so that's how we named him. Erika put him in my hood of my jumper last night and he hung out there for about ten minutes just sniffing the air and purring up a storm. Sweet little kitten we saved from a neighbor (it's been 90* down here and humid and this woman puts him in a plastic cat carrier outside with no litter box and very little food/water. Don't even get me started on how I feel about that), loves to snuggle and he's been under foot since he found my workshop.

I also did a swirl red/orange/white in Fruit Slices but I can't get a decent picture of it so I'm trying again tomorrow.




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He's just so precious that there's no way I can take him back to her. Erika brought him over just for a visit the other day and when he flopped down in my arms, started purring and went to sleep, I just couldn't. Then I got really angry when Erika told me what he was in and the fact that he didn't have a litterbox sent me over the edge. He's too young to get a UTI or kidney infection. And he would definitely get heat exhaustion or worse in this weather.

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CK......those candles are beutiful....and I love the way they are photographed on the purple velvet. Very dramatic. Sorry about the poison ivy.....that stuff is terrible....glad you are on the mend. Our cat, Sammy, looks like a relative your your new kitty. Here is a pic of him. He helps me make candles or at least he thinks he does. His favorite FO is "bonito flakes". ;) Auntie D


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Oh my goodness, D, yes he DOES look like a relative! Sammy is a little cutie as well!

I think Smudge's favorite right now is the Fruit Slices, he was really active when I was pouring that candle and he kept meowing at me like 'oh now I like that one, Aunt Stacey!' He jumped on my workbench earlier today when I was out there doing some cleaning up and he kept batting at my firestarters. Not sure yet what kind of kitty he's going to be compared to the others, he may just be happy to be around melting wax.

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