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Replacement 4 Pourette's Cinnamon Dye Chips?

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Since I guess Pourette is really gone:cry2: , has anyone found a replacement for their Cinnamon Dye Chips? The fall & holiday season is coming quick & I have to get a replacement for the great dark red you get with their chips. Carole

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Thanks for your help, but the chips that are out there are left from the old Pourette or at least that's what I am being told. When they're gone, they're gone. I used 2#s last year and can't pay the small quantity price. Does anyone know if someone else will mfg them? TIA Carole

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You may want to look at the Red and/or the Burgundy dye block from French Color. I just purchased some but haven't used them yet. I have used the Burgundy French color liquid for Christmas candles last year and they came out great. The blocks however have no odor whatsoever.

There are a couple colors of the diamonds (I have them all) that will leave some sediment (most of which can be eliminated if the wax is taken up to a high enough temperature) - and I'm pretty sure the cinnamon is one of them - and I think I remember the browns. The French blocks are supposed to completely dissolve.

BTW Candlescience has the diamonds also - thats where I got them and they have tons of colors.


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