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TP Time! (graphic heavy)


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I finally broke down and did it- I dipped a pack of Toilet Paper and it was SO much fun!

My Mom & Dad are renovating their bathroom, so I created the first one for them. I used up some leftover soy and hurricane waxes. I added some color and scented it w/ a combo of Baby Powder & Victorian Rose that I like to call "Powder Room". The bathroom colors are burgundy & cream w/ nickel hardware, so I used ribbon and florals accordingly. I attached everything w/ straight pins.

The truest colors are in the last pic all packaged up.

Can't wait to do more tomorrow!







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Thank you!

I used a 4 pack of Angel Soft (really cheap TP, but w/ a pretty pattern). I had maybe 2 pounds of wax in my Presto pot to start. I dipped 4 rolls and still have about an inch left in the bottom of the pot.

I just stuck a roll in, then put metal tongs in the hole and flipped it over. I rolled it back and forth, put the tongs back in the hole, pulled the TP up and let it drip a second, then set it on heavy duty aluminum foil on the counter.

Because this won't be burned, I went heavier on the scent than I would have for a real candle. They are very potent- I had to bag the others for the night!

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I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried to use one......you know, for it's intended purpose? :wink2: Look how many crazy warning labels we have to put on different products! For those of you who sell it, do you have to put a warning label on your wax-dipped, scented arsewipe? :whistle: I would be so afraid someone would try using it, that I would have to!! :embarasse

Edited to add: That is the prettiest TP I have ever seen!! )

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This week I'm going to try dipping an assortment of feminine hygiene products to see what kind works best. Judging by the commercials, they should hold loads of fragrance!

My eyes just bugged out :shocked2:

Make sure you use a body safe FO!!! :laugh2:

I have to say, I really wasn't sure about dipped TP -- but that does look really, really pretty.

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