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My first dipped bear..pretty funny!

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Yeah I know, I messed up my first dipped bear. The one leg doesn't exactly touch the plate. I know better for next time. I'll also pose the arms and tilt the head too. Oh yeah, and I'll give them necks for jewelry accessories. *lol* It was a blast too! I kept screaming every time I dunked her...Nooooooooooo!!!!! I have 38 more to dip and today bought a lot of different accessories. I'm on my way to my grand daughters 6th birthday party, I'm giving this to her. She will think it's beautiful. *lol* I of course will know better. I scented her in Harvest....it actually smells really good.

Anyways, I dunked a bear!!:D


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Thank you!

My grand daughter loved her. *lol* I over heard her telling one of her party guests..."My grandma made me this bear, it's the olden days kind, it's real, but it can't talk." :shocked2::laugh2:

:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

That is totally something my 6 year old would say about something my mom would make her....Hilarious!

and I love the bear, It is really cute! I havent gotten around to trying that yet.

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I was in walmart...I know....I always say never again...but I found those gift bags you would use for a gift basket. I put it in one of those and tied some raffia around the top of it. It looked cute. You can also blow dry these bags to shrink to fit if you want. But I was afraid to, I was afraid it would stick to the wax. *lol* What a mess that would be! But you could probably blow dry the top to seal it for protection?

Someone else on here would know better than I do on what else to use.


Yeah, it waas pretty funny when she said that, especially since I'm only in my 40's! *lol*:D

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