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soy wax??

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Hi everyone!!!

Do any of you know where I can get soy wax in the new jersey/new york area? I'm spending just as much on shipping (if not more) than I am on my supplies. I'm really trying to keep costs down right now- especially since my darling husband is being so very patient with my "candle mess" all over the apartment. It always helps my case if I can explain how much money we are saving by me picking it up directly from the supplier- i just choose to leave out that if i didn't have this candle obsession in the first place- i wouldn't be spending any of it!!! :whistle:

any input would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind driving 50-75 miles either. THANK YOU!!!

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Here is a place that has a great soy wax...the FH125. I had ordered 10 lbs. for testing and everything I poured had an excellent hot throw. I would have loved to continue using it but I found a supplier less than an hour from me that I'm using now. Farmhouse also has some kick azz fragrances. I'm not sure if this would be driving distance for you...but shipping might not be too bad since you are both in Jersey.



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