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First time posting pictures

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Here are some candles that I've done recently. This is my first time posting any pictures of candles I've done, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Recently I switched to soy wax, my beginning ones were a parrafin blend.

1. These two were made with soy, neither are scented.

2. Two chunk candles I did with parrafin wax.

3. Recently got a 3' ball mold which I've been having too much fun with. The first one is scented Juniper Breeze and the last one is Vanilla.

4. My boyfriend and I were just having fun one day with the soy wax. He ended up making the two spheres and I made the pillar. At first I really disliked the pillar because of how blotchy it was, but I've grown to like it more.

5. Without having any candle making experience or knowledge, these were the first three soy candles my boyfriend made. He's much more of a risk taker than I am which allowed him to produce some crazy candles.

6. These were done with soy wax, having fun with colors.







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Wow Daria...they're fabulous. Nice pics too. Did you use a light box to take the pics? Very nice job.

Thank you! I did use a light box. My boyfriend is making one for his wood working and furniture he builds so I was able to borrow it to take those pictures. We still need to paint the inside of it so until then I'm using a sheet :rolleyes2

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Daria, I hope this will be the first of MANY times you post pictures because your candles are WONDERFUL! We seldomly do much layering or "weird stuff" with soy because we got hooked on palm, but now you have me itching to fire up the Presto pot and go PSYCHOdelic with some soy!:D

Just wait'll my partner sees these...:drool:

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