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impulse sealer


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I am wanting to buy an impulse sealer to use in some of my B&B packaging. Where is a good place to buy one and does anyone have any recommendations as to which ones are good? I am totally clueless on this and have been looking around for one but would like to hear some of your opinions and advice. TIA!!! :)

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Thanks! You guys are always so much help. I never thought of Harbour Freight for an impulse sealer. DH has bought my heat gun and a dolly to lug my stuff around at shows from HF. I guess I will be checking to see if they have an impulse sealer - $20.00 is a good deal on these. Thanks too for confirming in my mind that an 8" one would be big enough since I wasn't sure what was a good size to get. Thanks again. :) :) :) :)

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