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A great beach scent?


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Salty Sea Air from Keystone is awesome and throws great in soy.

You'll see alot of positive feedback on this one.

I also love Beach (Bobbi Brown type) from WSP. To me, it smells just like sand and suntan lotion. Throws great also!


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I'm testing Ocean from peaks right now in C3 Soy. It took over a month,..but I am now having a super hot throw!! My 22 yr old son likes it. You can smell the salty air. The cold throw has been great from early on!!

I like this too.

You might check out seabreeze from Solas too.

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Me too! i think we need to do some research first though just to make sure we get it right!

Try this: http://shop.candlesandsupplies.com/candles/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=Candles&category%5Fname=Scent+%2D+Full+Listing&product%5Fid=SC%2DCBZ

Sounds good but has anyone ever tried Cottage Breeze (YT) from candles and supplies?

I use cottage breeze in my reed diffusers--it's too darn strong. It's not what you would think at all. If you want a beach scent, try something else. Their sandy stones smelled interesting but very heavy on the masculine cologne scent for me.

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