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Two Soaps


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Here's my latest two soaps that are finally cut and trimmed. I'm trying to avoid gel since I use a little TD in many of my soaps and lately I've had trouble with the TD separating in my forced gel. I'm happier with the texture of these, but the wait is longer before I can cut them. I guess it's time to try a "water discount" instead of full water.

Here's SC Love Spell in a new formulation I'm trying out:


And here's SW Green Irish Tweed:


Both these FOs are definate keepers! Thanks for looking. :)

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Thank you, ladies! :)

Those look so pretty. Is gel the culprit that makes TD separate? I have had that happen a few times.

I'm thinking that the forced gel may be the culprit. I asked Purple Lilac and she thought that might be the case too. These both have the same amount of TD that I normally use and they don't have the problem at all and I didn't let them gel at all. I don't use an excessive amount - about 2 tsp of TD in 126 oz. of oils. I use water dispersible so it goes in the distilled water before the lye.

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Gee, thanks everyone, for your kind remarks! :cheesy2:

Kaybee, the ungelled soaps seem to have a creamier texture overall and I didn't have any TD separation. It's really hard for me to tell at this point if there will be any other differences. The Green Irish Tweed was a regular recipe. It took an additional day in the mold before I could cut it. And the Love Spell, with its additional soft oils, took FOREVER to get hard enough to handle. It was in the mold 4 days and was still softer than I'd like when it was cut. I'm interested to see how this one turns out. The texture of the soap is very nice, but the jury's still out until it fully cures.

I wasn't really enthusiastic about the Love Spell scent, but after smelling it in the soap for a few days...it's growing on me!

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BEAUTIFUL!! that Love Spell is sooooo pretty.

The only soaps I try not to let gel (by sticking in the refrig) are my Pink Sugar bars and I do agree that they are creamy. They have TD in them so I'll have to see if you can see TD specks now that you bring that up- interesting!

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Beautiful as always Brenda. I love them both. I do have a question. By seperation, do you mean seeing white speckles in the soap? I did two different batches with TD. One gelled and one didn't. So, needless to say, I'm curious to see the difference in the two. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

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Thanks everyone! :smiley2:

I don't mean I see specks of TD when I talk about the separation. Instead, I mean the inside of the bar shows a crackled-like appearance from (I think) getting too liquid during the full gel so the colorants don't remain in a stable suspension. The top will look great, the bottom with look great, and even the sides that touch the mold will show no evidence of this separation of the TD and colorant within the soap. I use oxides, ultramarines, and micas and mix them with a little castor oil or oil from the pot before use. I mix the colors into the soap thoroughly, no differently than I've always done. Then I would cover the entire slab mold with a cutting board and pop it in the oven for its forced gel.

It's hard to describe; the bar will look mottled, but feel smooth. The soap still performs well but does not have that creamy appearance that is so desirable. So step one of figuring out which variable is causing this was to keep the soap from gelling to see if that helped. It seemed to do the trick with these two soaps. I've not changed suppliers on any of my oils, etc.

Anyone else have this happen, and if so, what do you think is the cause?:confused:

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