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Valentine's day!


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Can someone tell me some great Valentine's Day FO's and what suppliers they like. I am totally stupid when it comes to seasonal FO's. I usually just buy them because I like them. I use GB 415 if that helps. MC, JS, BCN & BCS, NG and Peaks are my usual places. I am trying to get off my lazy butt and make some great V-day gifts.

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I have:

Endless Love

Wedding Day

Angel Wings

Vanilla Sandalwood

Lick Me all Over

Strawberries and Champagne

Wine and Roses

Pink Sugar

I am trying not to jump on the VS or BBW bandwagon too much.

I know I have a few there but I love Chocolate myself. I will have to try Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Everyone I know loves the Pink Sugar. Cinnamon Red Hot Candy from NG because its red. I am leaning towards some florals and foods too! People are choosey about perfume scents.

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I was thinking about Love Spell. Is NG's pretty good? I just threw together a Lick Me All Over. I have a lot of people with Big Bath tubs and would love some pillars to go around them and it reminds me of a powder room or Bedroom fragrance. To me each room uses certain scents. I would never put Birthday Cake in the bathroom!

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Chocolate FOs might go over well (like FOH has some Godiva versions that sounded really good)

A nice mix of rose and jasmine (call it romantic blooms)

Strawberry Musk (oh it is sexy, sexy, sexy)

Amber Romance is always nice too

Rename some of your FOs too. Lot of Vday possibilities.

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thanks to doreen of bcn for the following mix.

pink sugar mixed with lavender fields-mc i used a tenth more pink sugar then the lavender. a very sexy scent. awesome


chocolate kisses you could mix it with strawberry jam for chocolate covered strawberries.

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No one mentioned Sexy as SIn (NG) I got some of it and mostly everyone loves it...its a good one! Very strong throw. I also got jungle love, which is ok, chocolate cherries...goood...and passionate kisses and of course Pink sugar and love spell.

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The man in Brown just delivered my Passionate Kisses, Lick Me All Over and Strawberries and Sparkling Wine from NG! :yay:

Passionate Kisses and Lick me All Over OOB kick butt! Mmm mmm mmm.

The nose jury is still out on the Strawberries and Sparkling Wine...Can't wait until tonite to pour em!

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Thats what I'm talking about Scented!

Well what have ya got lol!

I mean there's Conversation hearts; zits in a box (Chocolate Dream); Cupids gaze; Cupid's target; heat; passion; flirt (any form thereof); Romantic Treasures; just Romance ought to work; Horny (ooops lol); Crush; Bitten ... did I have to match scents to those lol?

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Chocolate Kisses:yay:

I can hardly keep myself from eating it. Looks just like chocolate with adding a little red for tint and smells wonderful!

I love it.

I have chocolate kisses. I just ordered JS special new scents sampler pack. A lot of V-day scents. I ordered a big bottle of the Razzle Dazzle Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. I made a scented bead sachet with that scent and put it in my Excursion. Its about 12 degrees here and that scent still throws like crazy without heat. Becky threw in a sample of Chocolate covered cherry. Throws very well in 415.

I love that name "horny" Scented. I think my goal is to give my scents unique fun names. I still have a lot of MC's Christmas Eve left and that has a very fruity smell. I could change that name.

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Well show us your scandalous side lol!

Let's see:


Scream (or moan)

Sex Kitten

Cuffs (ha ha ... smell of metal)


Let's work with something other than chocolate FOs :D

:laugh2:ROFL your killing me woman!

my husband would get a kick out of those names he is such a pig. Those would be great names for B&B products too! lol

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