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Best lily of the valley and lavender candle scents?


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Hi everyoneAt last the web site is back! I just couldn't post anything on the temp board cause for some reason it didn't recognise me!!Anyway i was wandering if any of you can recommend a great lily of the valley and lavender scent? I've ordered both from snowtop already, but was wandering if anyone knows any othe great suppliers for these scents? I want to get a few in to compare!Anyway thanks in advance

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I second NG's Lily of the Valley. I just had a customer order this recently, then let all her friends smell it and I got a ton of orders for Lily of the Valley! It has a great hot/cold throw and is a nice floral. (I can't believe I am actually saying those words, because I hate florals! This is one of the few florals I can tolerate well) I can't help you with the Lavender.... any synthetic Lavender fragrance doesn't smell like Lavender to me at all.

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I'll add my vote for Nature's Garden Lily of the Valley. NG also carries an aromatherapy blend containing lavender essential oil that is very pleasant and a big seller for customers who don't like the strong camphor scent that straight lavender can have. Blended w/ patchouli, it is my biggest summer seller in whipped body butter.

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Well natures garden has emailed me back and their postage rates are great, so def gonna try their lily of the valley and their lavender! Only problem is that their list of fragrances is very big and lots sound sooo good! Anyway any recommendations? I don't really like food scents, mainly go for floral, fruity and spicy!!!!

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If you like peach...then you must try their Fresh Peach! You can almost feel the peach fuzz tickle your nose when you open the bottle and sniff! :drool: I like their Cranberry Cobbler....it is more spice than bakery to my nose. Their strawberry is good and is a good mixer too. One of my absolute favorites is Green Apple Candy from NG. Love it!!! Sex on the Beach is good, has a bit of spice kick to it. I'm not a floral person, so the only florals I can recommend besides Lily of the Valley would be Victorian Rose, Lilac and Honeysuckle. All have very nice hot/cold throws and work well in bath & body too. I hope this helps you a little! :D

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Nature's Garden...also try:

Pink Sugar- excellant throw

Blackberry Sage

Fresh Linen

Cucumber Melon

Black Cherry Bomb-take it easy this one is way strong. Realistic.

Red Ruby Grapefruit

Mullled Cider

Pumpkin Pie-mostly spicey not doesn't smell too bakery.

Christmas Splendor

Spiced Cranberry


All of these throw well for me. With Black Cherry Bomb, less is more.

Stay away from their Nutmeg...it smells like a cheap colonge...nothing like nutmeg.


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