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Glade Oil Candles: Did anyone figure it out?

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If you're talking about the new one with the funny metal wick thingy -- it's ok but the replacement tarts run about a buck each --- it burned for just under 2 hrs, and the throw WAS NOT that great, the glass container is large thus creating a large melt pool . It has a nice flame that is consistant throughout the burn but to we candlemakers -- ain't worth the money.

I used the wick thingy several times by setting it in my fluted tart molds and pouring my own - burned better, lasted longer and of course it smelled better. Got bored with it after a few days & just use it for a pillar holder -- it has a raised bottom so to make the pillar set straight, I did not fill in the well in the candle so it would set down over the bump.

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I had someone ask about them at my show this weeekend and I said that I hadn't tried them yet.

I think they look weird and would just rather use my tartburner or my regular old candles :-P

I DID see about a dozen or so people that actually knew what my clamshell melts were for and actually purchased some. I usually dont sell any of those!..lol People around here are getting with the times finally :-)

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