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Is it me or does Peak's FO

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I have had more of their FOs that don't seem to work well in soy than those that do. They've always smelled really nice and strong so I think its just cuz I used them soy that they don't work and not a lack of quality - their oils are definately nice. Now I get a good throw with their Black Canyon, Amish Harvest and Lavender.

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Peak has wonderful FO's that worked beautifully for me when I used paraffin, and that is why I continue to recommend them to people who use the wax/waxes that I used to use. But 80% of their FO's do not throw well in the wax that I use now, which is 98% soy. :embarasse

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Okay...I'm not sitting by my fo's...but off the top of my head. BTW I add them at 9% in a Soy & Beeswax combo...I should cut down on Buttermint Candies...but I love it too much! :) Looking at the list so far and I realize these are just a fraction of what they offer...I don't try many because they aren't what I'm looking for. Can you tell by my list I like food? :shocked2:

Amish Harvest

Vanilla Passion

Mediterranean Fig

Home For The Holidays


Buttermint Candies

Mango Papaya

Juicy Pineapple

Grandma's Swingin' Egg Nog (Soon to be Returning! yeah!)

Warm Apple Pie


Cinnamon & Balsalm

Apple Blossom

Cappuccino Hazelnut

Juniper Breeze

Cinnamon Buns

Creme Brulee

Fudge Brownie


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your list, I can vouch for Warm Apple Pie as a good thrower @ 9% in my soy. The only other one from your list that I have personally tested is the Cinn & balsam, and it was a no go. Others that performed well for me w/ initial testing:

Pink Sugar




Blackberry & Sage

Clean Cotton

Sweet pea

peppermint kiss

ginger passion

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So far, I have also noticed that they seem to be throwing at a high percentage in the soy that I use (Calsoy CB-3). Here are the ones so far, and I have not tested many in the soy -- mostly in paraffin:

Creme Brulee

Green Tea

Sugar Plum Berries

Fresh Linen

Blackberry Tea

Peppermint Kiss

Wild Raspberry (may not be quite as strong as the above but stonger than I thought it would be)

I know I am forgetting some. I need to test the Juniper Breeze again because I only tested that one in a small tin and it is not a good test for a large room or rooms.

I have many more that I need to test in soy that I had already tested in paraffin and was a success.

I could not get a good enough throw for me with the following:

Mandarin Plum (need to retest this though)

Country Garden

Peaks does have great oils. :)


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I also use several in my soy at 9% and get great throw.

Sweet Pea

Blueberry Muffins

Sage & Lemongrass

Ginger Peach

Cucumber Melon (a little lighter than the others, but still good)

Coconut Milk

Jamaica Me Crazy


I did notice that when I tried some of them in the Perfect Blend, which is a mostly soy with a little paraffin in it, that some of them did not throw as well for some reason.

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Thanks all, I noticed that I have t ouse about 9% for a good throw as well. I was using the manfactures reconmendation of 6-7%, which has NO hot throw at all. 9-10 works for me.

Hi Ebarnes,

Yep, that seems to be the case for me too no matter what wax I use and I know that I am not alone on this. However, there have been a few that I can get away with 6-7 percent. Why is it that many say they have GREAT throws at 5-6 percent and even less sometimes, and I am using the same high quality oils and in a good scent throwing wax (tried a lot of the same waxes they all have tried) but I still end up having to use at least 8-9 percent? :undecided I may be able to get by with less with some of the more expensive companies like Wick Your Wax or Wholesale Suppy Plus. I have tried a few from WSP but did not notice a BIG difference. Maybe we are all comparing it differently (to different strength candles that we all burned before we started making them) or maybe what is strong to one may not be strong to another. As far as I know, my nose is up to par. :rolleyes:

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