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I ha d a job paying fedex bills for my customer and they DO NOT deliver on Saturday unless it was requested by the shipper and if it was requested by the shipper they are going to pay a tidy sum to get it there on that day. So, you probably won't get it today. But look on the bright side, you can always call the shipper and tell them that your package did not make it by the delivery date promised and they can get a refund from fedex and maybe they'll give you a refund on your shipping charges. I would definately check it out!:D

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My husband is a contractor for FedEx Home Delivery and his work week is Tuesday through Saturday. We live in a rural area where he also delivers. Home Delivery is a subsidiary of FedEx Ground and Ground's work week is Monday through Friday. The tracking system can leave something to be desired at times though. And if you call Customer Service they can also be clueless about whether your package is on a Ground or a Home truck. But if the package is supposed to be on a Home truck and you don't receive it on a Saturday you probably won't see it until the following Tuesday. It doesn't mean that the driver "sat" on the package but rather that he didn't have it on his truck on Saturday in the first place.

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