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Mineral Oil

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I take it you're trying for a mottled finish. What kind of wax is it? A wax that's pre-blended with additives won't mottle, so you should be using a straight paraffin wax, preferably one that's known to mottle well. Candlewic 4045H is a good one, for example, but many others will work as long as it's straight paraffin. If you're using fragrance oil, you don't need the mineral oil.

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I used 4625, So I guess that means that whatever I add to it, it won't do anything. That's fine for regular candles and the like. I've been trying to achieve different looks. As soon as 1343 arrives I'll be ordering it!!



PS Just went to Peaks site after I posted this. 1343 is in and I ordered it. Once it arrives I'll be able to experiment with different effects.

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The first mineral oil I used was from the drug store. I couldn't get it to mottle in straight paraffin at all. I told this to a supplier who sold mottling oil. He told me the stuff i bought was too heavy so I bought mottling oil from him and it worked really well.

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In IGI 1343 I haven't had a problem with Mineral Oil from Wal-Mart, Drug Store etc.

I would not add more than 3/4oz per 1LB of wax or you will get seepage.

Like others above have said you don't need both oils

If you want a un-scented candle use Mineral Oil

For a scented candle use FO

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