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Balsm smells like Pine Sol!


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I made several test candles with NG's Balsam hoping to spark the christmas spirit in my friends and family who have kindly volunteerd to by my testers. Well being the nice honest people that they are they all said it smelled like Pine Sol and would not buy a candle with that smell:shocked2:

Now what...can I mix this FO with something else to make it smell better? Any suggestions would be appreciated or if anyone knows of a great smelling pine that does not invoke memories of house cleaning!:wink2:

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Someone said Balsam Fir was a good scent.I have been looking for that scent and somewhere in my NOTES I jotted down where to get it.I have a whole family that wants it.Brothers sisters mom and dad.Generation of family who want it.

I asked the Board and Balsam Fir was the answer for a true pine scent?Now where to get it I will have to look over my notes.


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Would adding Cinnamon or Cedar help with the fuel smell of Peak Mountain Pine???

I've been told that my Mountain Pine tealights smell like fuel... :tiptoe: and I've noticed it too!

I pour in Eco soy CB Advanced and would like to make some votives using Eco Soy Pillar. But I don't want to make them and have them smelling like fuel!! :D Help please!!:)


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