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A couple more soaps


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Black and blue tilted layer soap is SW Green Irish Tweed. Colors really don't match the name but I've been wanting to make this bar for a while.

Orange and white triple layer bar is TCS Grapefruit Citrus. Smells so yummy.

Thanks for letting me share my soaps. I know you are all getting sick of my pics but I'm having so much fun. Now that this is more of a hobby than a business, I have time to experiment with new things. :D



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wow, how in the world did you make those layers? very unique

I just made a batch of soap half the size I normally do. I sat my molds propped on a block of wood tilted to the side and poured the first layer. Once it began to set up I made the second batch. Sat the molds back flat and poured the second layer. Really easy to do and I love the look. Stamped the bars and that's about it. HTH

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