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Spring Rain - Clear MP with CURLS!!


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Ok so this is what I did tonight. It is Scented with Peaks "Spring Rain".

Here it is with the first layer of curls and clear MP.


Then I added a second layer.


Here it is right after being unmolded, but before it was cut into bars.


Here are the bars after they were cut.


And packaged...


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Too cute Darwin!!! I saw those at go planet earth a few years ago and wanted to try them but the cost always stopped me. That was when I was doing it for fun and didn't have that many friends that lived close enough to give them too...I hate paying shipping:D .

Too cute!! They rock!!:rockon: My DD who is six just saw the pic and now she wants them...(big sigh) thanks alot!!! Now I am going to have to do it soon.:tongue2:

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