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Scrap Candle


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You know how you have all these little containers with bits of wax in them, well I gathered all mine up, melted them all together, added some black dye, took the wire brush to my finished candle. I think it's kinda cool looking. Doesn't smell great with all that mixture but I'll hang on to it awhile then toss it. I guess I was just bored...lol:smiley2:


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Really looks great.

I wire brush all the time. I really works for those not so perfect pillers, the wire brush will cover most any imperfections, which saves having to re-melt it down.

Right On Candle Man !!! ;):rockon: So get out those wire brushes people and go at it...lol

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Best looking job of wire brushing on a candle that I ever saw. :smiley2: I love seeing clever and practical being put together to make a fine finished product. I really like the outcome.

I used to have a real rooster that looked very similar to yours. His name was Billy Jack...that was years ago. Still love rooster stuff.

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