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8oz square mason jars

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I know what ya mean about Ruth going out of Biz....I used to purchase the 1.5 oz. Hex Jars from her & she was so nice & so reasonable on shipping too! I'm gonna miss her as well.

As far as 8 oz. mason jars here: http://www.creflections.com/cgi-bin/dbman_glassware/db.cgi?db=glassware&uid=default&view_records_glassware=1&Product_ID=*


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I am looking for a supplier of 8oz square mason jars- one close to Illinois would be great! Thanks:)

You may also want to check candle coccoon....I just got 4 cases of them from her...great young lady to work with...I just can never get the name spelled correctly!:embarasse She also has 2 different types of lids that they can come with.

Forgot to add she is in Madison WI

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Thanks for all your help ladies- I used to buy from Ruth at Flower Patch but she went out of business so I am trying to find another supplier hopefully close so I don't have to pay astronomical shipping.

That would explain why my google searches for her were fruitless!

I'm pretty sure BC carries this jar. I get mine from Richards Packaging, but you have to buy in bulk. I mean SERIOUS bulk. LOL

Good luck on your search. Hope you find another source!

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