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incense question

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if polyethene (sp?) is bad for scented products why do they say to soak incense in it? is anyone willing to share how they soak their incense? does anyone sell the 19 inch sticks? how do you figure cost for your sticks?

thank you all very much for your help as always

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you do not have to completely cover your incense with the fo & dpg solution

i just use aluminum foil drizzle the fo mix and roll them around so they are well coated fold up the foil so it doesn't leak and let sit, soak for 24 hours take out and stand in a glass jar to dry this can take several days depends on the humidity. i sell my incense 10 sticks for $1.00 to the local smoke shop and they sell them for $1.99. the 19" sticks don't sell real well for me, i sell them to the smoke shop for .43 cents each and they sell them for .95 each.

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I use a different approach for incense. I make powder incense and mix the herbs with Makko powder, that makes it combustible. No chemecials needed. I put them in capsules to make them portable. It's very popular and they sell very well. I market them as all natural and people really like that idea.

I make up my own recipies and have fun doing it. I use different colors for the capsules and that seems to grab people's attention.


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