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What wax should I start with?

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Hello everyone! I am having a terrible time trying to decide which wax I should start with (newbie). I want to make pillar/chunk candles but I can't decide if I should use a pre-blended wax or if I should start with straight wax and additives.

I was thinking if I used additives it would help me understand how everything works and let me experiment but I thought I would get everyones opinion before I decided. If anyone's up to reminiscing about their newbie days I'd really appreciate it :smiley2:



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Welcome to the board. I can't help you because I don't make pillars but I would suggest looking to see what suppliers are close to you to save on shipping and see what they sell. Good luck.

Thanks. I've found bitter creek thanks to a couple of people on the board. It's a great site and close but I'm still unsure the best way to learn to make candles.

I guess I should just jump in with both feet and have some fun :)

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Starting out with and finding a supplier nearest to you is a great piece of advice. Those shipping costs can really add up!

Another good way to start out is to purchase a starter kit. It will have the wax, mold, fragrance, and wicks, etc. You can save a lot of money with a starter kit and it can help you make a better decision when you want to buy more supplies.


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I think I would start with a pre-blend. Just make a few candles out of that so you can get used to the motions before you have to add anything to the mix. Then you can see how it's supposed to burn (if you make it from a kit) and compare it when you use additives. Just my opinion though!

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