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Nothing fabulous just a few pics


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Just some soap I worked on yesterday.

First pic is Storm Watch on the left, and Peony on the right.

Second pic is Sinus Relief of the left, and Spiced Oranges on the right.

Third pic is Honeydew Melon. The coloring is too light for it to pick up in the pic.




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Thank you all for the nice comments. I guess I just expect too much..lol I'm not thrilled with them. My Spiced oranges turned a dark tan (so far), my Storm Watch, I got too much black mixed up. The last time I made it, I somehow used Blue UM, and Black and got a gray, with black swirls, but I couldn't remember exactly what I did. The Peony and the Sinus Relief didn't turn out too bad. The Honeydew was a little lighter than I wanted.

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