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Does Coconut Oil go bad?


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Coconut oil becomes a liquid at 76 degrees, so that's not an indication of it having gone bad. If you want to keep it solid, then you can just keep it in your fridge, although you don't need to. However, you probably do want to keep it in more of a cool, dry place so you get the maximum shelf life possible from it. Coconut oil also has a very long shelf life (I think around 5 years or so), so you shouldn't have to worry about it for quite some time. Good luck.

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OK, does the same ring true for Monoi? I've got some that's about 2 years old now. It doesn't smell rank or look funny, and it has been stored at a constant temp--but I wanted to be sure before I put it into anything. Thanks in advance! :) ( & sorry for hijack!)

It has a self life of 1-2 years.

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