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I've been pouring (cheers), but what I just noticed is a green color in my cranberry. Really weird, I'm thinking, because it's either in the color block I used for the cranberry color, or it's coming from the FO, but the FO is yellowish. Anyone seen this green stuff in their colorant before? Thoughts on what it might be? And no, no green has been added of any kind to the color unless it was tucked into that color block. It isn't affecting the outcome of the color in the candle, but it's odd. IMO.

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(leans in and whispers to Scented)

And what do your Rice Crispies say to you???

Ok.. Does your finished candle have a green tint to it? Maybe that's just one of the colors they use to make that color, and your color block didn't get blended as well as normal?

You sure opened yourself up for this one girl!

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Often when I've used color blocks I could see the dye break up into specks of the component colors as it dissolved. Figuring the cranberry block is similar to burgundy, it would be red with some green. Maybe that could explain what you saw? If not, I'd like a hit too please.

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