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How to keep white, white!

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Hi poohbaby.

I actually was having this happen to my electric candles. I would add UV inhibitor to the wax, thinking it would keep my candles from turning yellow. However, they still did. When I did some asking around, it was recommended not to add the UV Inhibitor to it. Since I quit adding it, my candles have stayed whiter. I have also found that sometimes certain fragrance oils cause the discoloring.


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Ahhh, I see. I thought the UV was mainly for burgundy's , blues and such. I think I will try white dye or titanium dioxide as suggested from Jean. I thought also it was more fo than anything. Noticed it more on vanilla & sugar cooke fo.Thanks again folks!

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Well, dumb question then - I just bought the "Color Fading Inhibitor" (contains a UV absorber) from candlechem - why should I even bother to use it then if it doesn't keep whites white, yellows wax, and even fades color? Thanks!
UV will yellow wax as well as fade dyes...and UV absorber will help prevent it.
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