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Surprises can be kinda cool ...


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Had leftover wax in a few melting pots that I wanted to empty ... this is what turned out!

I 'think' the scents are orange creamsicle, heavenly and bird of paradise. Even though there is a yellow stripe I didn't pour anything yellow! The orange creamsicle is pretty strong so that's the scent I'm picking up most.


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Hmm. I think you may be on to something. Should we tell her that

A. Wick pin is used outside the mold except with votives.

B. The pillar is upside down.

C. All of the above.


I did use a wick pin

I always use them on the inside of the mold

The pillar is not upside down

There is no hole in the top of the candle - may look that way in the picture.

This is the way I have made candles for years. It may not be the way anyone else does it - but it works for me.

Thanks to everyone that thought it looked nice.

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I WIN~ it is the wick pin that made that shape in whats now the top but when poured was the bottom. I don't make those candles Lori but I'm guessing that the others set up their molds just like you do but put the wick pin on the outside of the mold with the pin part sticking threw the hole and the circle under the mold using mold sealer to keep them from leaking. Works great and no lines show up.. but if your molds don't have holes in them, your way would be the best for sure. Bruce

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