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Peach fo?


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Does anyone have a REAL fresh peach smelling fo? I've tried peach fo's from several suppliers and they're all either kind of stinky or have something else, like vanilla or berries, mixed in. I want just a plain, straight, strong peach smell. Does any such animal exist?

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Peach from earlyamericancandlesupplies.com - it's the only one I've used for years.

FYI - just made M&P soap log w/it and my aunt's only complaint about the soap is when she uses it, it makes her crave Blue Bell Homemade Peach icecream!!

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Fresh Peach from Nature's Garden.

The latest I have tried is also from NG. Smells great OOB & cold throw but very light in my own soy blend at 1.5oz per LB.

I have yet to find a strong hot throwing peach, from anywhere yet.

BTW - If you are using NG's Fresh Peach in B&B products it's great.

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