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foot scrub soap


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I am wanting to try to make a foot scrub type of M&P soap. I have a really cute idea brewing........I have read to add peppermint & tea tree. I am thinking to add either cornmeal or oatmeal to help those rough spots......and I am thinking that I will have to make the bar harder than it normally is.....

Does anyone on here have any ideas or theories??? I sure would appreciate ANY help at all

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I made a loofah in a pringles can using pepperming and tea tree, really nice on the footsies.

If you haven't tried the loofah yet here's how I did it,

Wet the loofah and reshape it into a round, some of them don't really need this but some are flat as pancakes.

Squeeze out most of the water then push it down into a rinsed out pringles can, then I turned the can over on some paper towels and let it sit overnight to dry out more, I can get all this done while the kids are bugging me.

Next day melt soap I used a clear base, add coloring, I use a reddish color, add eo's and pour into pringles can, mine could probably have held 1.5 lbs but the loofah didn't come to the top so it was probably closer to a pound you need to bang the can on the counter to make sure you fill all the nooks and crannies and get the air bubbles up.

I left it to sit over night again then tore the pringles can off and sliced them with a serrated kitchen knife, be very careful here and use a towel or something to hold the soap while slicing.


edited because I can't spell today

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Thanks so very much for the info!!!!!

I have a 2 1/2 foot loofah that is so flat. Just earlier today I was asking hubby just what I was supposed to do with it.....(giggle)

Now I know the rest of the story.......

Thanks bunches

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You can use just about any "scrubbie" to make a exfoliating soap. ;)

corn meal



fruit seeds

ground almond shells



coffee grounds

even flower petals give it some "scrubbiness". ;)

jojoba beads/spheres

fine glitter

Just let your imagination run wild and have fun!! :D

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I tried the salt ones..and I did not like it AT ALL..I even sent them with testers for a swap last year and I did not get much response back on them..little to rough..maybe the salt was to large..plus it would be a little drying on the skin with the salt. :undecided

I think I would like to try a sugar one though..or something softer like that.

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