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at wix end

carol k

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are their any must have from atwixend they are haveing a sale the 1ozers are $1.00, check out their website message board they are having a good sale on wax & things.

would like your opinions on

zanzibar clove this one for sure

any other great ones, i use 415 soy.


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Carol, I don't use soy but AWE is a recent new supplier for me. Loved these in paraffin and B&B

Green Clover & Aloe


Mango Papaya


Citrus Blast

White Tea & Ginger

Endless Love

I got 13 new ones and the only dud was Dolce & Gabana. Great C/S too. I am putting them on the top of my list!



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I have used this supplier for a couple of years, and really like their scents. I particularly like their Warm Vanilla Sugar. It is right on to BBW. A lot of their scents are lotion safe. I have used Baby Powder, Plumeria, Gardenia, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Hot Fudge Brownie, Passionate Kisses, those are a few I can think of right off the top of my head. I have not been disappointed in any I have bought from there.


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kinda hard to describe. I haven't come across anything that resembles it. It is very clean smelling, but not too piney or sprucey.

I have tried to find it elsewhere, but no luck.

her descriptions says "fresh, clean w/a hint of sweetness"

it's not super heavy, it's not sickening sweet.


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Why is it impossible to pass up something for a dollar? I hear $1 sale & BAM: gotta do it. Don't need it, not even the season to start stockpiling or shipping scent, etc....but that "$1" & I'm helpless. Got to at least try a bunch of stuff for $1 each. It is as if that $1 can do no harm.........unless you take one of EVERYTHING!!! Ok. Going to check out the $1 :drool: sale!

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OMG, I need more samples like I don't know what!!!!!!

$1 a sample IS hard to resist though...

So, what are you all gonna try??? I have to try Sheri's suggestion, plus I'm gettin' the Black Raspberry Vanilla

Blackberry Sage

Green Clover and Aloe

Lemon Pound Cake

Strawberries and Champagne


Vanilla Bean

and Zanzibar Clove


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ok ordered yesterday morning and got it today, very fast shipping.

i got; this is just oob and my opinion

amazon rain-i'm really liking this one, wax get ready- i recommend this one

carnation- nice floral

chamomile- i like it. i'm going to mix with lavender

coconut cake- ya know it reminds me of suntan lotion

dolce & gabbana- i think i'm really liking this one, you can smell the sage

heaven-i like this alot will be really good for lotion

gucci- don't know what the real stuff smells like, but i like this

gravity-don't know what the real stuff smells like, but i like it

spellbound- just wonderful

mountain forest-you were right this is great, hard to describe,i kinda smell some kind of berries with maybe a hint of pine, very different i recommend this one.

indian summer- love it,

lick me all over- ok

odor eliminator- very different then mc's i like it.

zanzibar clove- now this is different, lime it seems with alittle clove

i'm liking it can't wait to get it into wax.

keep up the recommendations i'm going to put in another order.

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I haven't really run into a scent of theirs I didn't like. THeir tulip is pretty good too (all in paraffin). Haven't gotten to the D&G, but it seems weak so I probably won't get to it.

Endless Love is droolability.

Really like their Pearberry too.

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I wrote to them about the shipping (my shipping came to $36.00 and my order was small!). It's a glitch in their shipping calculator. Call them with your order and they will give you the correct shipping amt. If you want to order on-line, then they will credit it back to your credit card.

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I ordered the raspberry lemonade and loved it. It is so dead on. It has a great cold and hot throw. I am looking for holiday scents now. The stores are looking for fall and holiday stuff right now. It is hard to think about that when it is 90 degrees outside.. Anyone try any good scents that would work for fall? I am wanting a good wreath or pine scent that B&BW sells I think it is called Christmas tree scent not sure? All that I have tried smell like the pine tree fresheners that used to be used in the bathrooms. Yuck!!!

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