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Whipped Shea - best oil to use?


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Eugenia, would you mind if I just move in with you? You have so much knowledge in ALL the areas I'm exploring. The kids and I don't eat much....

Step aside Carol....there is a long line of budding B&B'ers waiting on E's spare room....you are way behind me lady :D;)

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I was thinking maybe a mix of FCO and monoi, but not sure how much would have to be monoi for the scent to come through. What do you think? I have a limited supply of both so I don't want to mess around too much.

I'm thinking 70% shea, 20% monoi, 10% FCO???

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I wouldn't use monoi, unless you are happy with the whip smelling that way. You may turn off customers that want to buy the whip, but won't because of the monoi.

I am not a big fan of monoi myself and if I knew it was in there I would pass that product by.

Good point Jenny.

I'm thinking (someday) to have 3 scents (ok, 4) that my local salon thinks would be really popular:

1. Monoi

2. Mango

3. Chocolate

4. Coconut Cream

Figured I'd start with the monoi since I don't have an FOs of the others.... Then swap the monoi for plain FCO and add FO for the others.

Figured I'd

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I have never smelled the Monoi, so no comment on that one. For leave on products, I like fruits and fresh. I would not want to walk around smelling like chocolate. I did have a customer order whipped body butter in Buttercream Frosting once. Did not ask any question, LOL.

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I do one with Monoi and a bit of other oils and love it! A friend of mine just had me get her a whole bottle of Monoi off the co-op because the one I use is so good!

But scented ones go over really well too. Carole maybe a floral scent too??? That way all the bases are covered.

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