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Halloween Scents


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What scents would you use in the pumpkin or jack o' lantern jars for Halloween? I finally saw some at Big Lots for $3.99. I was hoping to find them for less. Our Walmart hasn't even started putting out Halloween stuff yet.

Thanks for all your help.

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Curious -- is something wrong with pumpkin, spiced pumpkin etc.?

I love anything and everything pumpkin, but for Halloween I think the novelty scents are more fitting. JMHO. I like to save the pumpkin pie type scents for Thanksgiving.:cool2:

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Well I just picked up my order at NG...cool place, and they have all the fo out so you can smell them, I have to say, that the Witches Brew umm didn't smell all that Halloweeney to me, and I LOVE everything about Halloween its my fav holiday of the year so I am of course biased. I'm trying to make a candle out of a black cauldron that I have, and thought it might work, but I settled on Vodoo Love instead...seemed more witchin' if ya know what I mean:p

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